Welcome to Inwit

Imagine, never being pissed ‘cuz your food is getting cold again!
Our insulated reusable containers keep your hot food hot and the cold ones cold!
Your takeout will feel like a Michelin star resto meal!
Your takeout will be super fresh and delicious right out of our beautiful containers!
Zero waste made simple!
Order where you want, when you want without worrying or getting frustrated about creating waste.
As easy as borrowing a library book
All our containers are embedded with NFC technology which allows us to know who has each container.

When you are done, just give the containers a quick rinse, return them to any participating restaurant within 7 days or pay a pickup fee.
“Just as advertised, zero waste in my takeout!”
Leah, Inwit user
Welcome to Inwit, a community of Torontonians that Love food & the planet!